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Safety Information


Keeping yourself and others safe in the workplace


Food safety and nutrition 

Managing stress and anxiety during this health care crisis


From the CDC, managing stress and anxiety during COVID-19  (3/29/20)


From Healthline, taking care of your mental health  (3/29/20)


What is Mindfulness? 


About Mindfulness Apps  this will allow 2 free weeks of Simple Habit unrestricted access. or try the Headspace app for free meditation and coaching options. Headspace does have extended options for free on their app during this crisis and they are a great app to try!

Oprah and Deepak’s 21 Day Meditation- Hope in Uncertain Times - Free 

Chronic Pain Resources


Q: I'm a bit shy to seek treatment, are the sessions private?

A: Yes. Most people when they think of a physical therapy space think of a typical “gym-like” large facility. Central Bucks Physical Therapy is unique in that we have completely private session rooms in a comfortable atmosphere. Everyone in our clinic is seeking relief from pelvic symptoms.  

Q: How will I pay for my appointment?

A: We participate in most insurances and have affordable self-pay options. We would be happy to discuss any questions or concerns you may have so feel free to ask us at (215) 348-3260 

Q: How will I make appointments work with my schedule?

A: Can’t take off work? No problem. We are open late until 8pm!

Q: Will I see the same therapist every time?

A: Yes, being a small, specialized group allows us to track your progress and maintain continuity between you and your practitioner. From your first evaluation until your last treatment, you will have the same provider.

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